Monday, May 31, 2010

Living A King's Life is coming.... soon!

Well, more news about the book. At the end of last week, I received two separate E-mails containing my cover design for the book as well as the text proofs. They asked me to go through the manuscript one last time and make final edits before the book goes to print. I was up until 2 AM last night going over the manuscript, page by page and word by word. There were about twenty errors that I fixed. This information needed to get to the publisher by 5 PM on June 1. Sure, I could have done it today on my day off, but I am so anxious to get this book out, so I expedited the process.

After these final edits are made, the book will head off to the printer. I will keep you all posted on details as I get them.

As for the current baseball season, the Freedom are 3-6. We won ugly last night 8-7 on a walkoff wild pitch. It is not often that you win when making five errors, but I give credit to the Freedom for hanging in there. Next up is a doubleheader against Oakland County on Wednesday.

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