Friday, July 10, 2020

Media Conversions

As we move on in to July, I have been adjusting to the new way of life, and part of that involves exploring possible ways to create income, as I touched on in my last post here. One of those areas is media conversions that I have talked about- my system of converting old media formats like VHS, cassette tapes and mini-discs  to newer formats like CD, DVD, and MP3 for your portable media players and computers.

I created a website and a domain to accomplish that objective, but after giving it some thought I decided against that approach in an effort to save money and cancelled the plan. So although the website is no longer active, I will use the space here on this blog to promote that activity and answer all questions about converting your media for you. Visiting my home page, at to learn about this will redirect you here.

I'll start by talking a little about prices- each video that gets converted will cost $20, while each audio unit (cassette or mini-disc) will cost $15 apiece.

The equipment I use is all set to go, it is a device which will work seamlessly with VHS and cassettes. Mini-discs will be captured through Audacity and exported to MP3.

Please feel free to reach out either by leaving me a message/comment on this blog or by E mailing me at

All updates on this will occur on this blog, so please check back for more!